Monday, April 2, 2007

chicken macaroni soup

yesterday, i was not feeling very well...had colds, still enduring sneezing attacks up to now.
i decided to do the cooking of our dinner so i came up with something for my colds at the same time serve as our dinner.


elbow or salad macaroni (kahit ano sa dalawa, mas malaki nga lang ang elbow macaroni kaysa sa salad.)
carrots sliced into cubes
1 pc. porkchop sliced into cubes
cooking oil
chicken broth cubes
3 cups water

1. cook the salad or elbow macaroni as per package instruction (siguro naman kayang kaya na ang paghahanda neto. pero kung baguhan talaga sa pagluluto, eto lang yung per package instruction: tubig(water), mantika(oil) at asin(salt), pakuluin bago ihalo ang macaroni)
2. placed cubed pork in saucepan, put some water and a little salt.(eto yung sangkutsa)
3. when the water has evaporated, put little cooking oil and saute, onions and garlic with the cubed pork.
4. add the chicken broth cubes.
5. add 3 cups water (depende parin sa inyo kung gaano karaming sabaw ang gusto niyong higupin.)
6. bring to a boil and then add the cooked macaroni.
7. pepper and patis to taste.

this is my own variation of the famous chicken soup. (hindi nga lang for the soul, kundi for the simple colds eto. hehe) this can be prepared for merienda or as soup for meals. (dito naman sa atin sa pinas, kahit anong oras mo pedeng kainin ang pagkain, dito lang yata ang soup as main course din eh. kaya wala talaga problema kung gawin mo etong merienda o soup na partner sa main dish.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

egg and cheese with butter toasted bread

it was a tiring day for us and we wanted to have something heavy for snacks. so i came up with something heavy for our merienda. a combination of "palaman" and bread preparation to come up with a snack with a distinct taste. this is my take on the classic egg sandwhich which i shall call: " egg and cheese with butter toasted bread" (ambigat pakinggan ano?!)

2 eggs
oil (i understand that not all uses cookin oil, others prefer olive oil, etc. any oil will do as long as its not baby oil, or engine oil)
grated cheese
salt *optional
bread (loaf bread, tasty, american bread....whatever you like to call them)
sandwich spread or mayonaisse

1. heat oil in frying pan. place eggs in the frying pan then slowly beat them...just like making a scrambled egg..instead you beat the eggs in the frying pan.(i normally do this coz i don't want to add another dish to wash.)
2. add the grated chesse while beating the eggs
3. you may add a pinch of salt to flavor...anyway, the cheese already adds flavor to the eggs.
4. when the egg is done, set aside.
5. spread butter on the bread, (you can do one side only or both sides, depende sa gutom yan! kung gutom na gutom, pwede nang one side lang.) then place them on the frying pan. cook until the sides are brown.
(you can also use toaster for this, in our case, we don't have one so i used the frying pan instead.)
6. spread the sandwich spread or mayonaisse on your "butter toasted" bread and then add the egg and cheese mixture. this is best served with pop cola or coca-cola.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


welcome to dravenworkz cookbook.
this is an online cookbook inspired by my cookings i do for my family abck when i was single and now that i have my own family.
here, i will showcase my personal take on classic filipino recipes and other recipes from our family. (almost all of us in the family are in to cooking, that's why.)
this is also inspired by my desire to publish a cookbook entitled, "cooking for daddy's" when me and my wife were still starting our family. i drew the inspiration from the meals i prepared for her, which were done in a very simple manner yet good enough to eat.
this is not just a cookbook but a storybook as well. i will try to recall the incidents that transpired on why i was able to come up with certain recipes or the story's behind each meal.
hope you enjoy the recipes i place here.
(p.s. comments are very much welcome!)